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Coaching With Cards

Drawing a card is powerful, adding coaching to the mix takes it to another level!

A unique and wonderful blend!

Do you need guidance with any issue? Are you stuck, frustrated? Feeling powerless?

During the session I will draw 1, 2 or 3 cards to give additional clarity to my coaching – to help you see the best way forward, or to see if you need to course correct. Perhaps there is an alternative of looking at things? A different approach, or direction – and, of course, there is always the power of connecting to your own inner wisdom……See what can be achieved with the cards as your allies!

Via Skype/Zoom/Facebook

IN-Vision Process®

As a certified Master Intuitive Coach in Colette Baron Reid’s IN-Vision Process® I offer coaching sessions in this truly amazing technique which helps on so many levels, for so many issues!

It is transformational work and can be used for anything with which you have an emotional issue, or feel stuck.

The process involves simple yet profound techniques which safely bypass the conscious mind and allow a conversation with the unconscious mind, instigating deep shifts in limiting beliefs and perceptions, giving clarity, choice, and the ability to take action. You can learn it as a self help tool.

Transform Your Money Story

This series of powerful and effective processes, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) allows you to eliminate unconsciously held (i.e. hidden) programmed beliefs about abundance, money, and wealth, freeing your mindset so that you can move forward and create a life that you want around money! 

Ignite Your Power Through The Chakras

This is my premier offering. Ignite Your Power is an amazing series of 12 processes combining tapping and chakra work.

These processes guide you through completely hidden-from-view beliefs and roadblocks which prevent you from accessing and harnessing your most powerful, passionate, alive, self!

Once this side is allowed to shine, you are suddenly able to take steps towards what you truly desire. The release of those old subconscious beliefs coupled with the deep healing that takes place in the 12 levels is truly transformational.

Become who you are truly meant to be!

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