Using these beautiful stones in an intentional way gives the opportunity for healing from the inside out, and gifts us with greater perspective and clarity, plus greater peace, joy and well being.

Crystals have amazing and powerful properties, and when we use them in combination with our own energy, they produce marvellous results! They are the keys to unlock the door to our own innate wisdom.

Crystals make our healing journey quicker, smoother and easier, in a gentle, effective way. They transform your life for the better. This effect ripples out into the world around you.

If you would like to learn how to use crystals to enhance your life, or if you would like to work with me personally, here are the options I offer:

  • Periodic Intuitive Crystal Healing workshops to teach you how to use crystals in
    your life. These workshops are offered at different levels, from complete beginner to those who are already experienced, online or in person.
  • The Crystal Effect Facebook Group. For a small monthly fee you will learn how to use crystals for your own personal journey of healing and self-empowerment. The Crystal Effect teaching is based on a combination of crystals, chakras and the ever-changing influences of the moon. Oracle card readings are included in this group, and each month you learn a different crystal layout.
  • In-person healing session. I am based in Norfolk, UK.
  • Distance Healing Session. You will receive a report of your energy both before and after the healing, with insight into what was cleared.
  • Remote clearings of any unwanted/negative energies that you feel are bothering you or keeping you stuck.

Crystals are an untapped and underused source of healing that is easy, effortless and magically efficacious. Don’t wait – get in touch with me today to tap into this healing for your life today!

phone: 01508528284

Mobile: 07855164155

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