What Clients Say About Sandra

"Thank you Sandra! I`ll never forget the amazing gifts you brought into my life" 

I approached Sandra because I`d had already some experience with her coaching work and I needed an urgent help. I managed to get the dream-job of my life and all was going great for me. My boss was very happy with my performance, I got a lot of training, very powerful mentoring, I felt incredibly supported and thrilled about being able to do what I love and get paid for it. However, on the inside, doubts started to creep in: doubts around my abilities, my skills, and my confidence. I was living my personal miracle, which was slowly turning into a nightmare. I was waiting for the day I would be “found out”, I felt like an imposter.  As a coach, I knew what was happening to me, but I was not able to help myself. 

I knew that Sandra was offering a very special program, designed to address the core issues – at the very deep level.  With Sandra`s gentle, yet powerful guidance, brilliant skills, unique processes and unprecedented encouragement and support, I was able to confront “my shadows”, my fears and doubts that were stopping me from enjoying my new life and my dream job, that were stopping me from feeling confident, proud, accomplished, creative and highly skilled. It was truly a transformational experience, a rebirth of my power and charisma! I also got to a deeper understanding of myself, which led to a lot of self-compassion, silencing of my inner critical voice and it brought me a huge gift – the ability to accept praise and compliments!

So, I would recommend Sandra`s program to all people, who struggle with confidence, playing small, self-sabotage, feeling insecure, feeling stuck, experiencing negative self-talk, perfectionism or imposter syndrome . If you know that there is so much more in you than you put out, Sandra`s program is right for you. She will get you to a point, where your true self will come out and shine powerfully and brightly! You`ll experience a deep authenticity, self-compassion and deep trust in yourself, your abilities and who you are.

Thank you Sandra! I`ll never forget the amazing gifts you brought into my life.

Petra Shrem

"I'm so grateful for all Sandra has helped me with; she truly is a Healer's Healer"

Sandra’s incredible depth of knowledge and her deep compassion make working with her an incredible healing experience. She applies her training and skill in many forms of energy work, including EFT Tapping, NLP, the Invision Process, and Crystal Healing (to name just a few!), to whatever her clients bring to the table. The insights and help I have gained working with her are too many to list. As an energy healer with my own wellness practice, sometimes I need wellness help for myself. Sandra provides the energetic clarity and  support that always give me the boost I need to carry on. I’m so grateful for all she has helped me with. She truly is a Healer’s Healer!

I would recommend any work with Sandra – she’s just all around brilliant!

Christine Penner Polle, Ontario, Canada

tapping courage.com

"I would recommend Sandra to anyone"

Sandra has helped me with so, so many things – she has literally got me through life!
I am plagued by “thought attacks”, where my mind spirals downwards and I feel stuck at rock bottom, unable to see a way out.
Sandra helps me climb out of the deep pit I am in, giving me a whole new perspective, and allowing me to “get myself up, dust myself down”, and start all over again!
She is really easy to talk to, and most importantly I feel safe with her, which is vital for me when I am struggling, feeling stuck, vulnerable and very frightened.

Sandra always chooses the right technique (of the many she knows) and tailors it specifically to me and my situation. 

She has a wisdom and sensitivity to know just what I need in the moment. She is there for me.  I trust her implicitly and am so grateful to her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Vivien Johnson, Norfolk, UK

"Working with Sandra over the years has transformed my life"

Working with Sandra over the years has transformed my life, most noticeably in my relationships, both to myself, and other people.
I suffered the whole of my life from the effects of childhood emotional abuse (at the hands of my mother), and it deeply affected every relationship I had – work, personal, intimate – causing me to lack confidence in myself.
I had deep anger and spent my life living in anxiety and tension. I was never really happy, as I was always looking over my shoulder to see where the next criticism of me was coming from (and sometimes it was my inner critic!)   Sandra worked thoroughly through each of the issues using tapping and Invision.

She also explained how our minds can truly sabotage us and get in the way of our happiness. She gave me so many AHA moments, and I began to understand what had been going on, which made it even easier to let go, and to see how I could be triggered again.
The relief as things released was phenomenal! I now truly feel in control of my emotions and my life. I have discovered my own personal power and I am so much more aware of triggers in my life.

Sandra has given me the tools to help me deal with those, which means my confidence has grown – along with my happiness, peace of mind and my social life!
My anxiety has gone, and I look forward now with optimism and enjoyment of life – for the first time!
Sandra has helped me see that although nothing changed externally, everything is different since we worked together on my inner self.
My relationships have all blossomed, but most importantly, I am at peace with myself.
Thank you, Sandra.

Peter Cockburn, Norfolk, UK.

"I know great coaching when I see it!"

I have had coaching for many years, with a variety of coaches and have done some training so I know great coaching when I see it. I recently started working with Sandra and it’s been amazing. I came initially with an urgent problem, to be honest I was panicking. Sandra gave me space to unpack a whole jumble of worries and issues and by listening carefully and asking perceptive and probing questions she identified key areas to work on and we made rapid progress. She has a wide range of skills and tools and was able to work on a very practical, nitty-gritty level of detail, to help me create plans to take action, but was equally at home working on deeper more emotional, psychological and spiritual issues.

The transformation after our first session was remarkable: I was calm instead of stressed and in panic. I had a clear action plan how to prepare for a challenge I was facing. I felt motivated and had confidence in my ability.   The way I overcame the challenge was further evidence of how powerful our session had been in changing my thoughts and behaviour. I have had subsequent sessions working on other more long-standing issues and seen major shifts.  Sandra created a very safe environment and I felt able to share very honestly about some very painful areas of my life that I had not been able to discuss previously.  I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough.  In the relatively short time we have worked together, I have seen fantastic results from our collaboration. I am delighted that I have found such a wise and skillful collaborator to support me and help me develop and grow. Facing a new phase of life with lots of new challenges and opportunities it gives me confidence to know that I have such a great source of wisdom, guidance and help.s in getting to root causes. 

Vanessa Wilde, London, UK

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