About Sandra

Hi I’m Sandra Boatman. I believe that when we become aware of the fact that we can see the life through different eyes; when we take the time to understand how events in our life affect us; when we realize in an AHA! moment, how it is possible to take charge of how we experience the world, then we become capable of improving our lives on a day to day level.

It is at this point that greater joy and peace of mind is achieved. We get a sense of possibilities opening up, which ripples out from us into the world. The world becomes a kinder, more peaceful place.

To help you achieve this, I offer Transformational Coaching through various modalities:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping
  • NLP (Neurolingistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy
  • Intuitive Coaching Through The Invision Process

I am certified in all of the above therapies plus Life Coaching. In addition, I an am authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach (with Margaret M Lynch) and I have also certified her newest and most transformational 12 Level Programme which I call Become Your Most Powerful You!

I am a qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Teacher.

I spent 40 years as a Ballroom Dance Instructor, Examiner, and Dance School Owner. I’m now focusing on Dancing through Life,  sharing what I have learned and what has inspired and healed me, with others.

Let’s dance together – join the Tapping Into Magic Facebook group or connect with me LinkedIn, or book your first session today!

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