Welcome to my page ~

Hi, Sandra Boatman here.  I have a dream – a big dream – that we can change the world through a Ripple Effect, by tapping into Magic – our own personal magic and the magic of the Universe.

Everything is energy – and our energy affects everything! Our thoughts and feelings which drive our attitudes and actions, cause others to behave or react in certain ways – which has the potential to bring about needless suffering

Conscious awareness is the key, along with understanding our own power to make change by doing our own “inner work” then seeing it transform our outer world.

Safe within in the knowledge that we are on this journey for the whole of our lives – we never get “there” exactly, I am offering this space to learn, evolve, grow – and make a better world – healing the planet as we go.

My intention is to help you to experience a better life on all levels – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual; and in all areas of your life – home, work, relationships, money, health …..to be able to dance with life not suffer for it!

Healing With Sandra:

Coaching with Cards, utilizing Colette Baron Reid's IN-Vision Process®

Crystal Healing 

Transform Your Money Story

Life Coaching

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