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Hello, I am Sandra Boatman and I believe in two things, and I am passionate about a third:

First: A phenomenon called The Ripple Effect;

Second: That we are all much greater and more powerful than we think we are.

Third: My passion is for our planet and all her inhabitants. 

I know that however we are feeling, we cannot help but radiate a certain type of energy, whether or not we are aware of it (because we are energy!)

If we are feeling good, our vibration is uplifting for those around us; if we are in a bad place – perhaps stressed, angry or upset – then the energy we put out can be uncomfortable and difficult to be around.

This effect can be felt both on a personal and global level.

My wish – my dream – my mission –  is to help as many people as possible to become aware of this Ripple Effect that we are automatically a part of, and how impactful it is, whether for good or bad.

And therefore I want to help people to understand and harness the power we each have within us so that we can make a huge positive difference in the world.

To realise that there is a choice we can make.

We are not victims of circumstance.

And to know, very simply, that it starts….and ends….with each of us.

At this point we realise that we can contribute simply by raising our awareness and making conscious choices.

We can choose to explore and deal with those things within us that cause us to experience unnecessary suffering, because, when we change things from the inside, the outside world miraculously transforms!

We can choose to contribute to the things that matter most to us, and which bring more joy to those we love – ourselves included – and the planet we live on!

I am here to help people to do just that – by showing  them how to tap into their own innate magic, and become the change they would love to see in the world.

I want to make it a conscious choice for everyone to want to experience a better life. 

I want to show people that it can be done and show them how.

It is possible.

Anyone can do it.

The Ripple Effect is like throwing a pebble in a pool – let’s make sure that the ripple that goes out will help to heal the planet, one person at a time.

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